The ABC Song – An Increasingly Popular Children’s Song

The children’s songs collection is probably now tens of songs strong. And we are only talking about some of the most popular ones out there.

However, it seems that few of them are creative enough to help kids learn something valuable as they listen and enjoy the song. The ABC Song, however, is certainly one of them.

What is the ABC Song All About?

First things first, it’s to be noted that although the ABC Song is an individual song on its own, it’s also something that represents a group of similar songs. They are all known as “Alphabet” songs, and they all have the various alphabets of a language as their lyrics or a part of their lyrics.

However, the nursery rhyme named as the ABC Song is one of the most well-known English kid’s songs. In the US, however, it’s more popularly known as “the alphabet song.”

Two Verses

There are two verses of the song, and both of them have the singer singing all the alphabets from A to Z. However, at the end of the first verse, the singer asks if the listener would like to sing the song with them the next time.

Then, at the end of the second verse, the singer thanks the listener for singing along with them.

As you can tell, it’s a great way to encourage kids to learn all the letters from A to Z, as they would find it really fun to sing along with the singer after they ask them to do in the first verse.

The United States “Z”

In the US, the letter “Z” is pronounced as “Zee,” and not “Zed” as it’s in many other English-speaking countries, including the UK, Australia and Canada. “Zed” being pronounced as “Zee” helps maintain the rhyme well though, although there are variants of this song that use the “Zed” and still manage just fine.

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