Over view About Founder and Promoter of iTV – Mr. Kartikeya Sharma

Mr. Sharma is a graduate from King’s college and a holder of masters degree in Business Administration from Oxford University. He is the founder and also the Promoter of iTV Network India. The company has two news channels which broadcast nationally. These are NewsX and India News, these two channels have a large viewership in India. This has attracted investors to conduct businesses with the company.

Under Kartikeya Sharma’s leadership the company has been able to expand its services currently it has established four extra news channels that are local in addition to the two national channels. Kartikeya Sharma has also aide the company to join the print media and currently ITV has two newspapers, The Sunday Guardian and Aaj Samaj and also owns online publications.

The two national news channels includes NewsX, which broadcast in English. The channel has won many awards and engages its audience in debates and also in online platforms. This has aided in establishing long lasting relationship with its audience since they are always in touch. The next news channel is India News that broadcasts in Hindi. This has increased the sphere covered by ITV and ensures that the company is all inclusive.

ITV Network also runs the following four regional channels; India News Haryana, India News Uttar Pradesh, India News Madhya Pradesh and India News Chhattisgarh. These regional channels has helped ITV to increase its dominance across India.
In the print media its English newspaper, The Sunday Guardian is one of the most sought after newspaper due to its high quality and engaging content. Its reporters and editors ensure that the content they provide to the readers is authentic. ITV also publishes Aaj Samaaj which is published in Hindi newspaper which also commands a huge group of readers, in Delhi and Haryana.

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